Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Springtime Love


 (Ahh, Spring Weddings)

 (Blue Mosque- Istanbul/Constantinople)

(Alhambra- Granada)

 (...She clearly understands my love for elaborate doors- true friend)

Well, Spring has officially arrived up here in the northern hemisphere!

For reasons known only to Mother Nature, spring has always had this magical way of awakening my long-rested mind and body and propelling me into a state of alertness and full activity. It feels as if the world around me is stretching, yawning, and waking up with me. 

The semester really started to speed up, as it does at the beginning of every spring season. Work has been crazy all around, since catching the spring vibe, and there will be no slowing down until spring returns to her tri-season hibernation and allows summer to grace the world with her warm, relaxed demeanor.

Since my move from Europe, it’s been an interesting adventure trying to run a small business while studying, pretending to be the least bit tech savvy and keeping up with my other occupations. Luckily, I have been somewhat productive!

Anyway, as I have said multiple times now, I really love this whole blogging thing and the idea of connecting with people from all over the world so I hope to stick with it regardless of my tech-deficiencies, personal pandemonium, and internet bouts. It may not be as frequent as I’d like but as long as I know there are others who actually want to make a worldly connection with my quirky, dorky, culture-obsessed mind then I shall connect on.

The Springtime pics above were taken by me and the Euro Beauts of Relative Culture who believe in the power of travel and opportunity, the importance of connecting with the world, and contributing to a Relative Culture of beauty! If you are a Relative Culture Beaut or you just have some awesome pics from your neck of the woods or travels 'round the world, please send them my way so I can post them and we can all bask in the beauty that the world has to offer!

With infinite love,
The Frohemian

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