Thursday, May 23, 2013

TTT3: Culture-Woven Fabric

(Labels: Black Tank- Bebe, White Lace Tank- American Apparel)

I inherited this Ankara skirt from my grandmother, along with many other types of Ankara apparel, most of which were handmade (my grandmother was an AMAZING seamstress and an even better dresser). I have a slight addiction to Ankara fabric and I have a strong feeling that it will appear in my wardrobe quite frequently this summer.

Ankara fabric is also known as Dutch wax print fabric and although it is most commonly referred to as African print or having African origins, the fabric was actually crafted by the Dutch as an Indonesian-inspired, batik-like fabric. After the Dutch introduced the fabric to the European market, it began to be mass-produced but it did not gain popularity until it reached modern-day Ghana and began to spread throughout West Africa. After the fabric caught on in West Africa, the Dutch were inspired to design the fabric in order to better reflect West African culture and focus less on Indonesian batik.

Ankara fabric alone tells a deep history of cultural blending and sharing. I think that it is a perfect example of how beautiful things can be created with the participation and combination of different cultural influences!

Of course, with such atypical patterns and color combinations expressed in each piece of Ankara fabric, it can be difficult to style it without distracting from its overall beauty. I figured these images might help a little:

(Blogger and huge inspiration- Folake of

(The Boxing Kitten)
(Italian Designer Stella Jean)

 With infinite love,
The Frohemian

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