Sunday, May 19, 2013

Beautiful Creations: Pakistani Truck Art

Decorated Pakistani trucks (also known as jingle trucks) are seen as the most unique and beautifully decorated vehicles in the world. Each truck is hand-painted and can display an assortment of poems, portraits, religious symbols, and anything else that may come to the mind of the truck owner or the artist. Along with intricate murals and designs, the truck is also adorned with decorative pieces such as painted, metal cutouts, lights, mirrors, and chains and bells to make the vehicle jingle as it rides (hence the name “jingle truck”). Each truck is lavishly decorated in a way that is unique to the region in which the truck is from.



A lot of time and money goes into the transformation of these flashy forms of transportation but for many truck drivers, it is a sacrifice rooted in love. Other vehicles such as buses and taxis may also display similar artwork but it is often done as a way to attract more passengers.

Truck art is not contained inside Pakistan borders. It can found throughout Asia as well as South America. It has even been displayed in Australia, New Zealand, and the United States. Even with truck art’s near world-wide attention, Pakistan remains unrivaled in the world of beautiful, intricate, vehicular art.

Over the years, truck art has become a cultural symbol in Pakistan. The truck is a large canvas that serves not only as a means to transport goods but also as a form of cultural expression.


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(The truck-only photos used in this post were taken from various Pintrest pages)
(The photos with the models were taken by Pakistani photographers and make-up artists, Maram & Aabroo )
(For more information regarding Pakistani truck art, blogger Ehtisham has some great sources to refer to on

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