Thursday, May 16, 2013


Thrifts and Threads Thursday


Found this amazing piece at a thrift store in the city. The cashier was quite comical when I went to purchase it. She tried to sell me other garments that she described as "more modern" but I couldn't resist the flowy fabric and all around psychedelic nature of this dress!

Even without the cashier's hints, I was well aware that this dress was not the most hip style of this decade, which is what drew me even closer to it. I love styles of the past! Style always has a way of being recycled and remarketed to the next generation...although I can be a little behind on the times sometimes, but hey, I don't see anything wrong with kickin' old school. This Indian-inspired maxi peasant dress style was pretty popular in the mid-1960's within the hippie culture. Although my knowledge of the hippie movement is not too advanced, I could carry on for days about how it was shaped and formed by a plethora of different cultures from around the world from popular hippie practices and images alone...but I will spare you and keep it short. Hippie fashion was especially influenced by different cultures and it truly promoted the idea of recognizing the beauty in other cultures, sharing that beauty, and being inspired by the world around us!

 As far as the origin of this particular dress- well there are no tags and when I first purchased it, it smelled as if it had been festering in a storage box beneath other pieces from yesterday's closet before it was dusted and donated. Although there is no way of telling, I think I got quite the vintage gem with this one!... at least I hope I did.

The fabric is a tad heavy for this time of year but you better believe the second the temperature drops, even for a moment, I will be sporting it like it's 1967!

 With infinite love,
The Frohemian

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