Sunday, March 17, 2013

The World Looks Quite Green Today

St. Patrick's Day around the world:

Bucharest, Romania
Chicago, USA
Niagra Falls, Canada
Cape Town, South Africa
Pisa, Italy
Rio De Janeiro, Brazil
Amman, Jordan
Sydney, Australia
Dubai, UAE
Giza, Egypt
London, England
Madrid, Spain
Tokyo, Japan
Dublin, Ireland

It appears that St.Patrick's day has brought together countries and cultures from all over the world in order to celebrate and (more or less) preserve the proud Irish culture. Naturally, Relative Culture had to get in on the Americanized-version of this cultural harmony- just a little. 

(Labels: Shirt- American Apparel, Shoes- Nike, Shorts- H&M, Socks- Victoria Secret, Jewelry- Relative Culture)

Well, if you all are anything like me then you have probably spent years sporting an assortment of seemingly-Irish paraphernalia or avoiding a piercing pinch by wearing green that was found in a pile of "recently rummaged" forgotten garments without really knowing how this celebration came about.
There are plenty of stories surrounding St. Patrick. Some stories involve the kidnapping and multiple enslavements of the Saint, which is said to be true, whereas other stories tell a tale of a man who banished all snakes from Irish lands, which has not quite been proven ;-). However true the tales may be, St.Patrick is best known for being a British Christian missionary and spreading the word of Christ and Catholicism to the people of Ireland. St.Patrick's day is celebrated on the day of his death. 

Well there ya have it! Now, I shall leave you with a Happy St. Patrick's day and an old Irish Proverb:

"Your feet will bring you to where your heart is" 

 With infinite love,
The Frohemian

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